California Bureau of Cannabis Control


State of California regulations for commercial cannabis products are being developed.

Click on image to access  California Code Of Regulations Title 16 Division 42. Bureau Of Cannabis Control.  

Bureau of Cannabis Control Required Laboratory Testing

Commercial Product


Table of what the State of California requires for commercial testing of cannabis products according to  California Code Of Regulations, Section 5715, and the regulations that follow applying January 1, 2018 and July 1, 2018.

 Note the date December 31, 2018 when the final testing requirements go into effect.  

Cannabinoid testing is the first item in the list referring to identification and potency. The TLC methodology refers to this requirement only. TLC analysis is currently not allowed under current law for for the primary testing of commercial products for sale. However, it does not cover private testing by TLC by home growers, end users, and others wanting to test their own products.

Also, TLC can be used as a preliminary guide by commercial growers and manufacturers before sending their products off to be tested in a state-licensed testing facility.

Note the date December 31, 2018 when the final testing requirements go into effect. 

Access the Bureau of Cannabis Control Website

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