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Thin Layer Chromatography

Contact us for all your Thin Layer Chromatography questions. We are here to help our students maximize their learning experience.

We are available to help you with any of you separation needs from simple analysis to scaled-up preparation.


We specialize in bulk extraction with cold ethanol using 100% grain alcohol with filtration and distillation to remove solvent to the final oil using common chemical techniques.

Other training in chemical processing for the home grower is available to provide confidence in developing your final product.

We also train in Soxhlet extractions with non-polar. organic solvents to insure yield and purity of the final product. This provides you will cleaner product going forward in whatever processing you choose.  Email us for information.

We can advise and guide in all techniques for your purpose. With over 30 experience in natural products chemistry.


We go beyond training in simple TLC in identification and quantitation. We can help you with greater purification by traditional flash column chromatography on silica gel. 

This technique can be scaled up to give you gram scale yields for your specific needs.

Not  only do you get the exact component you want, it comes in high purity for more exact recovery.

Unfortunately, we are unable to do preparative HPLC at this time.


Not only can we teach simple distillation for the removal of solvent from you preparations , we also can teach steam distillation for essential oils and terpene isolation.

This training is in development and will be incorporated into a class format if sufficient demand is there.

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